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I make art and create things. Growing up, I was very drawn to the visual arts and I started sketching while I was at grade school. That naturally led me to my interest in the theory and philosophy of art. After studying art history abroad in Florence, I decided to pursue my Master of Architecture with a focus on Classical Architecture. 

I was born and raised in New York, NY and it was a privilege taking in all New York City has to offer.  

I first started designing when I learned to put marks on paper. I have sketched for as long as I could remember and have never stopped since. I am always curious, and I live with a desire to make the tiniest things mean most in the world.

My interests include enjoying cuisine from all over the world and endless walks around walkable cities. 


I have previous architectural design experience in award-winning firms such as:

Stanhope Gate Architecture, London

Russell Taylor Architects, London

ADAM Architecture, Winchester

David M. Schwarz Architects, Washington D.C.

Guangdong Huajian Architectural Design, China

Fairfax & Sammons Architects, New York City

University of Notre Dame
     Master of Architecture - Concentration on Classical Architecture

Syracuse University 
Bachelor of Arts in Art History - Fine Arts
     Focus on Art and Architecture in Renaissance Italy

​Syracuse University in Florence, Italy
    Drawing in Florence


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