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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

A new cathedra or Bishop's throne was designed for the The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Norwich. The design included a new gradine, altar, and throne. The new design welcomes the diocese as well as the churchgoers. Lancaster stone and Frosterly marble were used, materials which were original to the church as seen in the columnettes which surround the altar space.

Work done with Russell Taylor Architects -

Val D'Europe 

The new design of the neighbourhood block consists of 90 multi-family housing units with commercial units at street level. The buildings are modeled after 18th and 19th century designs. The masterplan and the design of the buildings follow traditional urban design and are modeled after the French Faubourg urban block, which was typical of French traditional urban centres. 

Work done with Stanhope Gate -

Georgia Pavilion