Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

A new cathedra or Bishop's throne was designed for the The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Norwich. The design included a new gradine, altar, and throne. The new design welcomes the diocese as well as the churchgoers. Lancaster stone and Frosterly marble were used, materials which were original to the church as seen in the columnettes which surround the altar space.

Work done with Russell Taylor Architects -

Val D'Europe 

The new design of the neighbourhood block consists of 90 multi-family housing units with commercial units at street level. The buildings are modeled after 18th and 19th century designs. The masterplan and the design of the buildings follow traditional urban design and are modeled after the French Faubourg urban block, which was typical of French traditional urban centres. 

Work done with Stanhope Gate -

Georgia Pavilion

A new Ionic, octagonal pavilion for the city of Alpharetta, Georgia to house their musicians during public gatherings. The bandstand is located just next to their newly built city hall, which offers a sense of community and togetherness.

Work done with David M Schwarz -

Country Houses

Designs for a country house in India as well as a country house estate in the UK. The proportions of the designs are carefully considered and executed to the highest standards. ​

Work done with ADAM Architecture -

Union Square Market Hall Station

For my architecture thesis, I designed the Union Square Market Hall Station in New York City. It addresses the marketplace’s importance and the train station’s prominence. It gives a physical culmination to Union Square’s monumentalism as a favorable social and economic gathering space. It features station pavilions, a marketplace, and a rooftop restaurant.

Hotel Italia

Rome’s Via Giulia is a fascinating artifact of urban planning that also boasts beautiful and historically significant architecture. The street takes its name from its patron, Pope Julius II. This proposal calls for six new buildings on the site, three on each side of a revived Via St. Filippo Neri.


This boutique hotel features an arcade, with a outdoor seating restaurant. An interior courtyard lights the hotel rooms within. On the roof level, there is an altana for guests to enjoy being outdoors.

Madison Museum of Fine Art & Architecture

In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Greek revival was abundant in America and it was deemed the first “American” architecture which mirrored their faith in democracy back home. The museum draws upon Greek and Greek Revival influences and referred to precedents such as the Monticello by Thomas Jefferson and the Villa Rotunda by Palladio.


Viewers are invited to enter into the pedimented portico, which is reminiscent of Vitruvian proportions and intercolumniation. Upon entering, they are greeting with an octagonal main atrium space, where the core is exposed and allows light in through the oculus. Patrons are encouraged to circumambulate the museum for their contemplation and their enjoyment.

International Center of Democracy

Paris, France seeks to implement an International Center of Democracy. Located in the Île de la Cité, the site is adjacent to the Palais de Justice de Paris and the Hotel Dieu Hospital. The Île de la Cité is the epicenter of the historically sacred and that of political power. The center consists of a four-story building featuring an interior courtyard and a major lecture hall.


Upon entering the center, there is a triple-height space that draws visitors into a grand space. The interior courtyard is transparent, literally and figuratively, and allows for the gathering of people in a central location. Toward the rear of the plan, there are several places that foster intellectual pursuit. The lower level includes a library, and the upper triple-height level feature Congress Hall, where lectures on peace and civility take place.